Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am officially rekindling my blog! Seems like it was just three posts ago I was starting my blog :). I've decided to make this my place to review books and stories I'm reading in class as well as posting pictures for family to see of what Jacob and I are up to.

The week before Thanksgiving, we still had a pumpkin sitting on our front porch, uncarved mind you. We didn't want it to go to waste so we decided to put it to some use. We had a wonderful pumpkin carving date.

We traced our hands,

and carved them out.

It was a turkey pumpkin!

We then had some poor mans wine (grape kool-aid)

And enjoyed a dinner of spaghetti. 
Since then, we've had the worst storm of the season come blowing through every night this week.

Yes, that's where the wind blew the snow. And yes, that's a carton of milk, don't ask.

There's the wall of snow at the bottom of the stairs.

So now we're bundling up every day!
And our pumpkin deflated...
I'll figure out the blog thing :)


kaye said...

Oh wow! the snow! I'm glad you are reviving your blog so I can see pictures :) I'll be glad to invite you to the family blog, I just need to know the email address you want me to send it to.

kaye said...

on the comment options you should pick the "pop-out" option. It is the least annoying for commenters. Have a nice day.

Carol said...

Nice pumpkin, cold snow, nice knit hats and gloves! Too bad, so sad for the pumpkin!

It's going to be fun to read about you two. Good luck with school, with the snow, and blogging.

Nat said...

How fun! I love your pumpkins and snow!