Sunday, March 27, 2011

I have officially started a Blog

Well I have finally given in to to the blog world. Hopefully it's more exciting than Facebook. :)

Now that I have finally set it up, I will fold my laundry before midnight while watching the Iron Chef because that's all that's on... I realize that the only part I like of that show is the last 15 minutes.

Thanks for Reading!


kaye said...

cool now you can write long and lovely things for me to read. I love the way you write. And I totally love the title :) and the picture. BTW, I'm not home ;P

kaye said...

you should go with the pop-up comment box instead of the embeded. It's easier for commenters.

Tomorrow is teaser tuesday if you want to play. You can get the host infor under my blog hops tab.

Brandon and Annie said...

hooray for blogging! This is almost exactly like my first post. For more blogging ideas you could check out my friend Liv's blog for ideas. She graduated with an English degree and blogs everyday.